Website Launch Statement

Two months to the day after exploring the blog world, I invite all of you to see my blog on:

the poetry of Narsinh Mehta; word portraits of Narsinh and Manek Mehta; the lives of women anytime anywhere; literature (aka poesy), translation, the writing life, and pottery.

As you look through it, do give me your thoughts and ideas about:

Organization, and
Tags! (I am the one who failed (dropped out) of library science because I love books but couldn’t stand to categorize/classify them! In my mind everything was always within the web of hypertext long before those terms came into the kind of use that’s normal today.)

Most of all, I invite comments on your reactions to the ideas that this blog brings forth (barring all destructive, malicious, pernicious, pornographic, inhumane input).

TO COME: at least weekly posts

About meenapoetartisan

word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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4 Responses to Website Launch Statement

  1. parijat says:

    Lovely site, Meena Desai!

  2. Shishir says:

    Wonderful to see the harnessing of talent for creative thinking.

  3. semiophile2010 says:

    Wish I could dream up special terms for your encouragement. Instead here are a few versions (sorry I don’t know many of the scripts):
    (E) Thank you! Thank you kindly!
    (F) Merci Beaucoup!
    (G) Danke schoen!
    (Sp) Gracias!
    (It) Grazie!
    (Ru) Spasibo!
    (Guj) અાભાર!
    (Hi) धन्यवाद
    (Ud) Shukriya

  4. Martha Bishop says:

    I’ve subscribed! Looking forward to all entries.

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