Narsinh Mehta: Poem 3 English 2 Versions

O Beloved

O beloved, well met and well matched, you are little as are we,
First grant your embrace my beloved, we shall bestow one too.  O Beloved . . . 1

The lovely ones trek long and quick to see such a beloved
Bestow embrace in secret lest some see us, dear beloved.  O Beloved . . . 2

You are young and I am young, near and far your sister hovers,
She’s your mother’s favorite, why would she ever heed us?  O Beloved . . . 3

What can my mother do, what my sister, to one in whom I do dwell,
Players with Narsinh’s Lord, what can they have to fear?   O Beloved . . . 4


You and I meet, Beloved
Matched pair of innocents.
First, beloved, give embrace,
I shall give too, passionately.

Lovely women freely run
To meet such a lover.
Hide me in your embrace, beloved,
So none may see us.

Young as we are, in-laws interfere.
She’s the mother-in-law’s favorite
Why would she believe me?

When I dwell in her heart,
What can her in-laws do?
What is there to fear in
Playing with Narsinh’s lord?

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word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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