Ganesh in Gujarati Again

For a communicator who claims to love to analyze and therefore KNOW communication codes, I goofed mightily when I posted the image of my ceramic artwork and told a little story.

For example, I began the post by saying:

We love our elephant-headed, chubby, comfortable, protector of the universe.

How egocentric! My we was not just royal, it was universal, globe encompassing! As if I have the right to speak for everyone in the world. So, with a mea culpa, let me at least offer a few more details. The following paragraph for that post might be called useful but in complete. Below it, I offer some more explanation:

But we also love to shower our Gods with innumerable names in praising them. So here 13 names of Ganesh in stylized Gujarati script have been graphically drawn to represent his most popular image. He is seated with a lotus flower in one hand and a large ball of sweet dessert in the other. He carries a axe and a rope in his other two hands. He wears various adornments on the arms and feet. His elephant head shows a broken tusk near his left-turned trunk. At his feet is the mouse, his vehicle, lowly and yet as speedy as needed.

A Vedic practice is to demonstrate your commitment to the Unknowable Supreme Spirit (often called Brahm, not to be confused with Brahma, the Creator in the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, respectively Creator of the Universe, Preserver of Mortal Existence, and Destroyer of Absolute Evil), by piling on descriptive attributes. Reciting the thousand and one names of your favorite deity is a very popular past-time. So here are the thirteen names of Ganesha in English transcription, with explanations.Text for head, chest, belly, arms, legs, seat, vehicle in that order.

Ganesha = gana + ish= Servants + Lord of = Lord of those who serve
Vakratunda = vakra + tund = Crooked + Trunk = One with trunk crooked (to the left)
Ekdanta = ek + dant = One + Tooth/Tusk = One with single tusk (2nd is broken)
Krishna = krishna Blue God = One also known as Krishna
Pingaksha = ping + aksh Pink + Eye = One with red-pink eyes
Vikata = vikat Fearsome One who is fearsome (L upper arm)
Dhumravarna = dhumra+varna Cloud-Colored One who is cloud-colored (R upper)
Vighnaraja = vighna + raj Obstacles + King of = One who controls obstacles (R. lower)
Bhalachandra bhala + chandra Forehead + Moon One with the moon on his forehead
Gajavaktra gaja +vaktra Elephant + Face One who is elephant-faced (L. leg)
Lambodara lambo + udara Big + Belly One who is big-bellied (R. leg)
Vinayaka vina + nayaka Servers + Leader One who is the leader of servers
Ganapati gana + pati Servers + Lord One who is the lord of servers
Gajaanana gaja + anana Elephant + Face One who is elephant-faced

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