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Narsinh Mehta Poem #7: Let Go: Gujarati & Transliteration

Here is Narsinh Mehta’s poem 7 from the collection, Narsinh Padmala, edited by Jayant Kothari and Darshana Dholakia (1997) ૭ મેહેલ 7 Mehel મેહેલ, પીતાંબર, અંબર માહારું, સૂર ઊગ્યો, સૂઇ કયમ રહીએ? અમ ઘર સાસુ નણંદ રિસાળવાં, કંથ પૂછે ત્યારે … Continue reading

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Discussion: Narsinh Mehta #6: Listen Dearest One

In Sambhalo Kamani or Listen Dearest One, poem #6, Narsinh Mehta gives the Divine Lover His own voice. Utterly undone, enchanted, by the simple-hearted gopi’s plan to hold Him, to restrain the Lord of the universe, with the gentlest of … Continue reading

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