Making-More than a 7-Day Cycle

With apologies to the opening of Genesis in the Bible, “Making” actually seems to be a life-long process. The enthusiasm which led me to restart this blog should have sustained a veritable waterfall of posts. Instead, I’ve been absent for several weeks.

Here is some of what happens in the silences.


This is what I was Making while thinking about the hardworking, creative, absolutely amazing team at Collective Conscious, while they worked on a magical transformation [AKA: translation] of my script: Shakuntala


This is what I was able to offer them at the final cast party. Notice the sincere attempt and the rather clumsy results! Those wonderful people loved them anyway.

More musings on the way…..

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word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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